Ready to List? Prepare Your Home for Sale First

Prepare Your Home for Sale with Ted Dudine

Selling your home is a big deal. I get it. To make sure things go smoothly and that you get the best deal, you’ve got to get your home ready. I have the expertise to help you through it all, with expert advice and my full support for the process.

Before you put your home up for sale, there are many things to think about. Here’s a simple list of activities homeowners should do to make their home show as best as possible:


Clean Up and Clear Out

    • Take down personal items and family photos so visitors can imagine living there.
    • Get rid of extra furniture and personal items to make rooms look bigger.

Make It Sparkle

      • Clean everything, including carpets, windows, and appliances.
      • Fix anything broken, such as leaky faucets, chipped paint, or squeaky doors.

Make It Look Nice Outside

    • Spruce up the outside with landscaping and fresh plants or flowers.
    • Paint the front door and fix up anything that looks worn or broken.

Show It Off

      • Set up furniture and decorations to show off the best parts of your home.
      • Use colors and decor in the most popular shades.

Price It Right

    • Work with me and I will help you choose the best price based on what’s happening in the market.
    • Look at similar homes in your area to help decide.

Get Papers Ready

      • Collect all the important documents about your home.
      • Be ready to share these documents  with buyers.

Take Beautiful Photos

    • I will hire a professional photographer to take great photos of your home.
    • Good photos make your home look super attractive online.

Show Them How It Works

    • Create a visual plan to show how people can use the space in your home.
    • Plans help people see the potential and set budgets for future remodeling.

Get the Word Out

    • Work with me to make a plan to tell everyone about your home online and in ads.
    • With my experience, I know how to get your home noticed.

Check Things Out Early

    • Think about having an inspection before listing to find and fix any problems.
    • This makes it easier when buyers check things later.

Be Open to Showings

    • Be ready for visitors to come see your home.
    • Being flexible about when they can see it attracts more buyers.

By preparing your home for sale with my help, you’ll get the best deal out there in today’s real estate market. Trust me to show you the ropes and help you hit your selling goals.


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